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2015 Perfect Pet Photo Competition

We are so excited to show you all our fantastic entries for our Perfect Pet Photo Competition, here we have our three wonderful winners and are all of our other fantastic entries.

1st Prize Winner Milo           2nd Prize Winner Floyde  3rd Prize Winner Bella 

Our 1st prize goes to the stunning Milo who wins a fantastic goodie bag full of lovely treats - what a perfectly posed pet! So much star quality...

Our 2nd prize winner is the dashing Floyde, a beautiful rescue dog...who wins a wonderful goodie bag full of treats, such a lovely boy...

Our 3rd prize winner is the gorgeous Bella, look at those magnificent eyes! She also wins a goodie bag full of scrumptious treats...

We will be contacting some of our other fabulous entries to take pride and place on our vaccination cards...

Our 1st and 2nd entry into the competition is the stunning Saphie, she was successful re-homed from Mayow Vets with her new owner who absolutely adores her. As you can see by her pictures, on the one hand she is looking very beautiful and serene, and then she's also quite happy to show us her fun side, fantastic!

1/ Saphie                          2/ Saphie                          3/ Max and Willow

Our third and 4th entry is the inseperable duo Max and Willow! Don't they look so sweet together?

4/ Max and Willow

5/ Taylor

Our 5th entry is Taylor, who loves to spend time helping out with the washing up,

how can you resist such a face? Our 6th entry is Milo- relaxing with such style! 

6/ Milo

Our 7th 8th and 9th entries are Chester, who is obviously quite the natural at having his picture taken,

what do you think? He is very adorable. 

7/ Chester                               8/ Chester                                      9/ Chester

10/ Xena                                                                  11/ Xena

Our 10th and 11th entries are Xena who loves nature and is a complete natural at all of these beautiful poses!

Our 12th entry is Apollo (the beautiful ginger chap) and Zeus (the black and white lovely).

The two very wonderful looking brothers who seem to get on so well, and love to cuddle up together!

Our 13th  and 14th entries are Zeus, here again enjoying some rest and relaxation, loving a good snooze!

12/ Apollo and Zeus                       13/ Zeus                                         14/ Zeus 

We have our 15th and 16th entries, the beautiful eyed  Bella and her step brother Jasper!

Both absolutely stunning and very happy to sit and relax in the sunshine...

15/ Bella                                                                                                16/ Jasper

Our 17th entry is the lovely photogenic Valentino  with her brother Stevie  as our 18th and 19th entries

He is enjoying a wondeful snooze all curled up in a very typical cat like pose!

17/ Valentino                                  18/ Stevie 

19/ Stevie                                                                                 20/ Muffin

Our 20th-23rd entries are the delightful Muffin who is showing us just how versatile you can be

when you put your mind to it! So many different perfect poses for a chance to win our competition- go Muffin!

21/ Muffin                                                                                   22/ Muffin

23/ Muffin                                       24/ Minstrel                                     25/ Mui Chu 

In at number 24 is Muffin's pal Minstrel, the cutest hamster pose with the most adorable eyes,

how can we resist such a face?

26/ Dao Dao                    27/ Milo                                                              28/ Milo 

Our 25th and 26th entries are the cuddliest looking sister and brother Mui Chi and Dao Dao.

I think someone was working too hard on the computer and needed a bit of a rest!

Our 27th 28th and 29th entry is the magnificently poised Milo, look at those stunning blue eyes!

29/ Milo                                                           30/ Courtney and Karla

31/ Courtney and Karla                                                                                          32/ Courtney

Our30th and 31st entries are the glamourous duo Courtney and Karla, sisters with a real sense of style!

Our 32nd entry is Courtney as a baby- how sweet is she all snuggled up?

Our 33rd entry is Angel, pictured here as a really sweet 3 day old kitten, and now as you can see all grown up!

She loves to play with her mummies hair and have lots of cuddles before she goes to sleep...

Our 33rd entry is B2, quite a handsome boy as you can see by this photo...

33/ Angel                                                                                   34/ B2

Our 35th- to 39th entries are the very charismatic and expressive Ted! How could you resist

such a fluffy adorable face like his?

35/ Ted                                                 36/ Ted                                        37/Ted

38/ Ted                                                              39/ Ted                                                              40/ Floyde

Our 40th entry is the beautiful eyed stunner Floyde! A rescue dog who has improved so much after finding a loving new home with his new owners, and we think he looks so happy here it makes our hearts melt...

Our 41st-43rd entries are the dazzling Cleo and her snoozy poses...

41/ Cleo

42/ Cleo

43/ Cleo

Our 44th to 46th entries are the stunning Fran with her beautiful coat and very refined poses...

Our 47th-49th entries are Auntie Phoebe and Uncle Reg! They are Auntie and Uncle to the super stylish

Courtney and Karla...

44/ Fran                                         45/ Fran 

46/ Fran                                          47/ Auntie Phoebe Uncle Reg                   48/ Uncle Reg

49/ Auntie Phoebe                                                                               50/ Gin

Our 50th-53rd entries are the incredibly festive Gin! We love this outfit, who can pull of a Santa hat that well?

Our 54th entry is the beautiful Arthur, brother to Floyde, also a rescue dog, who like his brother has come on in leaps and bounds since finding a loving new home with his new owner.  We wish them both well!

51/ Gin                                                                                        52/ Gin

53/ Gin                                                 54/ Arthur                         55/ Chubby and Blue

Our 55th and 56th entries are the delectable duo Chubby (ginger) and Blue, happy relaxing together in harmony...

56/ Chubby and Blue

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