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Life-saving and heart-warming stories

Open wide!

Here is the beautiful little Miller- can you guess what breed she is? Miller has recently been in for her dental, and unfortunately she did need extractions so Miller went home with plenty of pain relief and antibiotics; looking glamourous with fresh pearly whites and a thorough comb through.

She has a condition called Periodental Disease, affecting the tissues that surround and support the teeth. It causes changes that are associated with inflammation and loss of the deep supporting structures of the cat's teeth.

Are you concerned about your cats teeth? Not been eating? Please do not hesitate to to contact us and remember that a general health check is always advised at least once a year, in order to spot any issues early. Have a look at our pets facts sheet for more useful information.

Crikey, Cornelius' calcaneus is cracked...

Here we have the lovely, and very affectionate Cornelius. Poor Cornelius was brought into us shortly after he had been involved in a road traffic accident. After a very thorough examination, no pain or abnormalities were found, apart from his back right leg; x-rays showed that he had fractured his calcaneus bone (also known as the hock).  You can see from this picture.

Surgery was carried out to pin and wire the hock, which stabilised the fracture. A supportive splint was also applied, as Cornelius is very mobile, (being only eight months old!)

Cornelius had regular dressing changes and strict cage rest.

Our surgery was pretty much his second home, and he was fantastic company when he was with us- we all enjoyed lots of cuddles! He will have further x-rays in a few weeks and we will make sure everything is healing in place.

A happy ending after all!

This little sweetie had to spend the day with us when she was found wandering the streets. Some very kind members of the public brought her in so that we can see if she had been microchipped- luckily she was! However, after getting in touch with petlog, they informed us it was a foreign microchip, so not on the database.

We were so over the moon when her owner come forward and they were both extremely happy to be reunited!

Her owner had only had her a few days and was in the process of getting the microchip details changed over.

We don't want you to be parted from your furry loved ones, so call us on 0208 659 4496 to book an appointment.

Back down to earth for Rocket

Four month old Rocker was in after eating part of a posionous Hellebore plant. Unfortunately poor Rocket had to be given Apomorphine to induce vomiting and remove some of the contents of his stomach.

But even this did not stop Rocket's waggy tail and excitable behaviour with our team.

We are glad to say that Rocket made a full recovery and continues to do well. We sincerely hope that he has learned his lesson, but we all know how inquisitive these little bundles of joy can be!

If you think your pet has eaten anything it shouldn't have, call us immediately on 0208 659 4496 to book an appointment.

Nearly better Nico...

Poor little Nico here has recently undergone entropion surgery to correct a condition where the eyelid rolls in on itself. The procedure went very well and we wish him all the best on his road to recovery.

Entropion can affect one or both eyes, and can be found in either the lower and/or upper eyelids, causing chronic irritation. It is found in any breed of dog or cat, but there is likely to be a genetic component to the condition.

Dog breeds that are predisposed to entropion include:

·         Chow Chows

·         Shar-Peis

·         Mastiffs and Bull Mastiffs

·         Rottweilers

·         Great Danes

·         St. Bernards

In cats, it can often be found in Persians and other flat-faced breeds.

Our adorable new friend Mistofelees

This is lovely little Mistofelees (on the left), a 7 month old Sphynx. How sweet is she?

Mistofelees recently came to see us to have growths (Aural Papilloma's) removed out of her ears. She has since been back for her post op check and pleased to say they was successfully removed and she has not been having any problems and recovered well.

She was such a little angel for her stay at Mayow, she enjoyed all the attention she received. Mistofelees will not need to come back unless her owners are concerned, and we wish her all the best.

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