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Reproductive problems

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If you are not planning to breed from your pet you should consider having them neutered. You should discuss the benefits and other considerations with your own vet. If you decide to breed from your bitch you should also seek advice from your vet. Most bitches have puppies without any problems but it is important to be prepared in case things do go wrong.

Dogs, particularly those that have not been neutered and are not having puppies, can develop problems associated with their reproductive system. Bitches can have false pregnancies and may develop infections in the uterus (pyometra). Tumours of the testicles may develop in male dogs, particularly when the testicles have not descended fully into the scrotum. Male animals, just like human males, can develop prostate diseases in later life. Neutering in dogs and cats usually involves removal of the uterus and ovaries in females and the testicles in males so problems that might otherwise develop with these organs can be avoided.