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Radiography and Ultrasound

X-Rays and Ultrasound are routinely used in the diagnoses of many conditions. At Mayow Veterinary Surgery we have invested in providing the finest possible imaging equipment. The surgery also has an X-ray generator that produces high quality and reliable X-rays for the tiniest baby rabbit to the largest of dogs alike. This is particularly helpful as it requires minimal sedation and restraint for the animal.

We also have an ultrasound machine that is capable of scanning and imaging all abdominal organs as well as the heart, including measuring the speed of heart blood flow.

In-house laboratory

Blood samples, urine tests and microscopic examination of blood, skin and urine help with diagnosis and treatment. The surgery has an in-house laboratory service providing results in a matter of minutes even on weekends. The laboratory is also able to check electrolytes and thyroid levels, which can be very valuable in reaching a diagnosis.

We also have a daily courier for tests that need to be performed at a more extensive laboratory. Our laboratory services help us to provide timely and optimal information of your pet's condition and potential need for further investigation and treatment.


We have two fully equipped operation theatres, which means that we perform all routine surgeries on-site, including some non-routine procedures such as orthopaedic surgery. All of our vets are experienced surgeons and we aim to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients. Our priorities are to ensure that the anaesthetic is safe and that the pet experiences minimal pain during any intervention. We have cutting-edge anaesthetic monitoring equipment and only use the safest available anaesthetics. Pain relief is very important and we give many post-operative patients an additional strong painkiller before they are discharged in the afternoon.

We understand how worrying surgery can be for owners, to help at this time all animals are admitted by our highly trained nursing staff. They will happily go through any concerns or questions that you as the owner may have. We recommend a blood sample for all animals over 8 years of age and any animal that is in a high risk category. This sample can be taken on the morning of the procedure, allowing the veterinary team to adjust your pets care if necessary.

Animals are typically admitted between 8.30am and 9.30am and stay with us until they are fully awake, this is usually between 4-5pm. We usually ask that owners call the surgery around 2pm to get an update on the procedure and to arrange a time for your pet to be discharged. A post-operative information sheet is always provided, but if there are ever any questions then call us at the surgery and we will be happy to assist.


We have modern clean kennels to provide comfortable hospitalisation for our in-patients. In-patients are monitored several times a day. If your pet requires a longer stay at the vets they will be transported to our Streatham Hill Practice where we have a vet and nurse living on site to provide optimal care and safety.

Dental care

Pets have the same problems with plaque, tartar, gingivitis and periodontal disease as humans, but unlike us they do not have regular dental check-ups. If your pet has bad breath, difficulty in eating, pawing at the mouth or bleeding from the mouth, he/she is likely to need dental treatment. We have an excellent dental machine to provide optimal treatment with the facility to take dental x-rays if required.



  • Mon - Fri: 8.30am - 6.30pm
  • Saturdays: 8.30am - 12pm
  • Sundays: 10am -4pm

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24 hour emergency service provided by the South London Emergency Centre.

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