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Informative image: Vaccination picVaccinations are a very important part of routine care for your pet to protect against some potentially lethal diseases.  The check up that we perform with the vaccination is also very important and many diseases can be detected and treated early - from dental disease and cancer. 


We vaccinate against Cat Flu, Enteritis, and usually also Feline Leukaemia Virus (this is a common cause for tumours in cats).  Initial kitten vaccines are given at 9- 12 weeks of age.  At the appointments a kitten pack is also provided which has lots of information on kitten and cat care as well as a free voucher booklet for Hills Science Plan food.  After the initial course annual booster injections are given to ensure disease protection.  A full clinical examination is performed as well as a discussion on routine care of your cat. 


Initial vaccines are done at 8- and 10 weeks of age.  The injections protect against Distemper, Canine Infectious Hepatitus, Parvo Virus, Leptopirosis and Parainfluenza Virus - luckily most of these diseases are relatively rare, however they can be fatal if not caught.  At the initial course a puppy pack is provided that has lots of information on puppy care as well as a free Hills Science Plan.  In addition, we recommend vaccinating against Kennel Cough if the dog is likely to mix with other dogs or will be kennelled or has a dog walker.  Kennel cough is a very common disease and whilst rarely fatal, causes siginificant inconvenience and discomfort.  This vaccine can be done from 8 weeks and is given annually with the booster. 


Informative image: Rabbit vacc picWe advise vaccinating against Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhage Disease (VHD).  These 2 injections are done 2 weeks apart.  A more convenient combined vaccine is has been developed for use.  The two injections are done from 12 weeks of age.  In addition to the vaccination we recommend a thorough annual examination for all rabbits as they are prone to suffer from many avoidable conditions such as bad teeth and gut problems. 


We vaccinate against Rabies for travel purposes.  If you're considering transporting your animal then call the surgery to organise this with either Judy or Brian, one of our government registered LVI vets.  We will happy to run through the process with you.


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