Being a Cat Friendly Clinic

At Mayow Veterinary Surgery, we take immense pride in being a Silver-level Cat-Friendly Clinic, accredited by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM). We understand that cats are distinctive and have special needs, and we’re devoted to showcasing our commitment to your beloved feline.

We’ve examined ways to ensure that Mayow Veterinary Surgery offers the best possible surroundings for our feline patients. Recognising and respecting cats’ sensitivity to environmental changes allows us to suggest strategies to our clients to ease their journey to Mayow Veterinary Surgery, making it more comfortable than you might typically expect.

Our Silver Cat-Friendly Clinic status required adherence to specific criteria laid down by International Cat Care (ICC), proving our abilities to:

  • Comprehend feline needs and actively create a cat-friendly atmosphere within the clinic.
  • Designate a Cat Advocate within our team to maintain and monitor our cat-friendly clinic standards.
  • Treat and handle cats with care and attention through continuous staff training.
  • Invest in specialised tools to cater to cats’ unique care and needs.

As a Silver Standard Cat-Friendly Clinic, our team is trained to minimise anxiety, fear, and unease in cats and to provide you with expert guidance on bringing your cat comfortably and safely to us.

Our in-house Cat Advocate Holly is on hand to answer your questions and provide valuable information and tips for caring for your cat.