Spring Tails From Mayow Vets

It’s Tongue Out Day! 👅

How cute are Maya the husky and Herbert the Pug?! 🐾

Maya came in this morning for blood tests, her samples will be sent of to the lab for analysis 🔬
Herbert the Pug is spending the day with us while we investigate his nasal discharge, samples will also be sent to the lab 🧫

Although we can run in house samples for a lot of our patients, our external lab can confirm our diagnosis and run more in-depth tests, most tests come back the following day, depending on the test requirements.

A New Friend!! 😻

Let’s give a warm welcome to our new patient, Cleo! 💜
The beautiful Cleo came in for a general health check… And tons of cuddles!

Cleo will begin her vaccination course next week so we will get to see this beautiful girl again very soon! Hurrah! 🐱 😍

Ron The Pup 🐶

Ron came in to visit us a week ago after chomping on some non dog approved snacks. X-rays showed a small object which turned out to be a stone and luckily Ron passed the stone with no problems.
Stones can get stuck in the intestines, and can break your dogs teeth if they like to chew them.

Ron was back again for a check up and has already put on 1.4kg in that short amount of time! This boy is going to be huge, we can’t wait to see him again 🤗

This Lady Is Mia 🐾

After spending a few days with us a couple weeks ago, Mia obviously missed us and pooped in after giving her owners a bit of a scare! 😣
While out on her walk Mia was stung by a bee 🐝 on her ear and then vomited a few times.

Mia was brought straight to the surgery as a precaution for any allergies.
Mia is doing well and enjoyed all the attention she so often receives when she visits us. 🤗